Date of the beginning of Ramadan 2023/1444

The date of the beginning and the end of Ramadan moves of 11 days every year. The beginning of Ramadan 2023/1444 will be determined by the appearance of the moon, and it will be made by the Islamic authorities concerned by this event, Ramadan 2023/1444. These dates are projected and a small gap can take place when we spread it for every country of the Arabic Moslem peninsula.

Hence, by this gap of 11 days every year, the date Ramadan 2023 will be fixed near , more at least one day of difference according to your geographical place.

The month of Ramadan 2023/1444 can last 29 days only if the moon is clear, and it will be at the night of the evening of the month of Chaâbane. In the opposite case, Ramadan 2023/1444 can last 30 days, and it will be made if the moon is not loosened, it is to be said hidden by many clouds.

Besides, the date Ramadan 2023/1444 will be fixed, Inchallah around of this year by the authorities responsible for every country. After this announcement of the date of the beginning Ramadan 2023/1444, grated our editors will communicate to you in turn.