The end of Ramadan 2020/1441 - Eid Al Fitr 2020/1441

The date end of Ramadan 2020/1441 is marked by the small party ; opposite to the big party of the sheep celebrated a few months later; or "Aîd El Fitr", in the course of which people celebrate the end of the fast. We organize a great deal of festivities connected with the traditions and with the customs in every region of the Arabic Moslem peninsula, the Maghreb in Saudi Arabia there.

The end of the Ramadan 2020/1441 will be celebrated the first one of the next month which is the month Chawal of the Muslim calendar. In the Christian calendar, the date end of Ramadan 2020/1441 will be fixed near 24th May 2020, more in the month a day or two days of difference according to the place where you are.

Every year this date of the end of Ramadan is moved of 10 or 11 days, and, with regard to the Gregorian said calendar also " Christian ". The reason is the linearity of the Islamic Muslim calendar. The date of the end of Ramadan 2020/1441 will thus arrive 29 days after the beginning of Ramadan depending on the shape of the moon.

During this particular day which is the end of the month of Ramadan 2020/1441, all the Moslem followers settle the charity, and the solidarity was born in their hearts so pure. We call this ceremonial Zakat of el Fitr, it is given to the poor either in monetary notes or in grains of wheat, everything depends on means of the one who gives it.

After this brief route, the Muslims and the Moslems make the prayer of "Al Eîd" the same morning, and it realized either in a mosque of the corner, or in a mossalat so allowing to make a collective prayer. This last one is better considered and has more value than the individual prayer, and so brings Hassanates, in the big pleasures of the faithful. But before this collective worship, the Islamic sounat or the tradition and the Moslem custom gives the preference to the believers to advance the breakfast consisted of traditional dishes and delicious crutacés, in the prayer which takes place after.

These traditions which show at the end of the month of Ramadan 2020/1441 give the possibility to the believers to gather in family and pray to celebrate the crowned end of the month, in the course of which the Holy Quran, God's famous book was recited to our Prophet Mohammet. Then it is there really a day of great importance.