Date of the brginning of Ramadan 2021/1442 in France

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The Islam is the second religion the most practised in France, after the Christianity, and, under an exact comparison of the number of believers of every religion. This last pourcent of audience post a rate of eight.

Besides, in France, approximately 60000 persons would be converted to the Moslem religion. This rate does not stop increasing every year, because there would be approximately more than 3000 conversions every year. It leads us, to conclude that the Islam is a religion which sets of the scale more and more through time and the space.

Besides, the studies led to load in metropolitan France, show that the religious practices stop to improve so becoming soaked with traditions and Arab-Moslem cultures. Approximately 50 % of the Muslims followers frequent religious establishments, approximately 88 % jeunent the month of Ramadan as well as five prayers a day and the Zakat, the charity. In year 1989, the rate was 60 %.