Date of the beginning of Ramadan 2021/1442 in Algéria


First of all, the fasting of the month of Ramadan contains three important degrees: the fasting of people of the common, the fasting people of the elite and the fasting elite of the elite.

As for the fasting people of the common, it consists in refraining from eating, from drinking, and from having sexual intercourse. As for the fasting people of the elite, it consists in preventing the glance, the language, the hand, the foot, the hearing, the view and all the members from committing sins.

As regards the fasting of the elite to the elite, it is about the fasting of the heart in front of the low ambitions and about ideas which take away from God Allah - that it is excited and honored to stop totally being interested in all which is other one than a God, our Lord Allah.