Sami Yusuf - سامي يوسف

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    Biography of Sami Yusuf

    Sami Yusuf is a famous Islamic singer from British. He is a legendary author, composer and also a great interpreter. Sami Yusuf was born in July of year 1980 in Iran, and more exactly in Tahran. Sami Yusuf is from a Azerbaijan family. However, Sami Yusuf lives at present is in London in the United Kingdom.

    Since his youngest age, the music was occupying a big part of his life and his childhood. Indeed, all his spare time was reserved for the constant practice of the music in particular the musical instruments.

    His father is a composer and poet, musician and multi-talented interpreter, he passed to him passion, which was transformed into a perfect refinement of the art musical. Sami Yusuf acquires some experience further to his meeting with famous musicians and music composers.

    At the age of eighteen years, Sami Yusuf decided to join the Royal Music academy in London to widen his knowledge on the musical composition. Further to it, Sami Yusuf took finally the commitment, and made his first steps in the world of the Moslem Arabic music, by taking out his first album ' Al-Mu'allim ' in 2004.

    Sami Yusuf confronted in front of a forehead and big success, and follows then his second album which made him famous. He named it My Ummah, one year later after the first success.

    Besides, his celebrity did not stop there because the famous Sami Yusuf delivered some years later five musical clips besides the sixth the publication which did not reach the international scale, but only in Trafalgar Public garden in London in England.

    Hence, by his route, Sami Yusuf is one of the most famous Monchidines in the Muslim world, known however by his soft music, and his anasheed which treat religious subjects as well as many social problems. His anasheed contains also numerous Islamic messages intended for all Moslem Oumma.

    Sami Yusuf participated in several concerts over all the world. We quote the United Kingdom, Turkey, Jordan, Morocco … And other countries. He also maintained his international place by his world tours (during the month of Ramadan) and his many collaborations with AR Rahman ' and Ustadh Mehboob. Sami Yusuf also made collaboration a trio of Outlandish Try Not Cry.He became famous.


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    Sami Yusuf Sami Yusuf Sami Yusuf Sami Yusuf Sami Yusuf Sami Yusuf Sami Yusuf Sami Yusuf Sami Yusuf Sami Yusuf Sami Yusuf Sami Yusuf Sami Yusuf Sami Yusuf Sami Yusuf Sami Yusuf


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