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    Biography of Mais Shalash

    Mais Shalash is a famous interpreter of religious singings, as well as a famous Islamic singer. She offers a wide range of Anasheed who ease the customs and who approach us more to our faith in God Allah.

    First of all, Mais Shalash, is from Palestine, was born on June 17th of year 1989 in Kuwait, not in Palestine. Nevertheless, all that she evokes in her legendary religious singings, is in touch with Palestine, this persecuted country, and Intifadah which are often made there.

    At an early age of 12 years, Mais Shalash knew how to develop his musical talents and the beginning of her musical career by registering her first named album 3ours el watan. This, accidentally, took place during the same period which coincided with El Intifadah in Palestine. Nevertheless, her young age did not allow her to sing committed and popular religious singings, and however, she made the opposite, and she become famous.

    Hence, Mais Shalash threw her second album Sawt El Houriya, that is, the voice of the freedom, representing, the themes of freedom, and the patriotism. She was only 12 years old.

    Some years later, Mais Shalash counts has several very popular albums in her country. Like : Khansae Palestine.

    In this last one, Mais Shalash embodied the role of the mother of Mohammed ( Oumm Mohammed) who gave her reverences to her son who went towards martyr. So, Mais Shalash embodied some symbolism and some commitment in her singings, and, in the purpose, to awaken hearts of Muslims, and their heart for their country.

    Then came, her fourth album Oustourat J' nine, what wants to say the myth or the history of Jénine. She was only 14 years old, and the death or the real massacre of Jénine inspired her to express her disappointments and her misfortunes, and her painful sadness.

    After this route at a very early age, Mais Shalash received as rewards several prices and many distinctions like the price of the festival of the child organized in Egypt. Mais Shalash was also the guest of honora at numerous festivals across the muslim peninsula.


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