Rachid Gholam - رشيد غلام

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    Biography of Rachid Gholam

    Rachid Gholam is a talented religious Moroccan singer, indeed, he has an artistic talents and a magnificent voice, a completely mesmerizing voice.

    Rachid Gholam was born in 1972 in Morocco. He is known for his beautiful and wonderful anasheeds and his numerous prophetic songs dedicated to the Prophet Mohammed. He is also known by his talented participation to Islamic and religious videos. Rachid Gholam is enormously appreciated for his extraordinary voice: a voice in the style of the soufies musics in a Syrian directory in the same style as "Qudud Halabiya" or " Qudud of Alep".

    Born in Casablanca in Morocco, Rachid Gholam began his artistic career during the environment of the 80s. Before being called Rachid Gholam, he named El Mutcho. He was a young student, in full spring of his youth. In the time, Rachid Gholam is lead to resume in song of former classics such those of the famous Egyptian singer Oum kalthoum and talented Nazem Al Ghazali.

    Besides, Rachid Gholam participated in some artistic manifestations around the Arabic world as in Carthage in Tunisia, and in the opera from Cairo in Egypt.

    The singer Rachid Gholam is also a boss of a production company called Addoha based in 1995, indeed, thanks to it that he had published the dozens albums. These last ones had a forehead success with the Moroccan and Muslim public generally.

    In spite that Rachid Gholam did not become a star in Morocco, his country was never the guest of honor of studios or both Moroccan chains,the first one 2M, he had his hours of glory, making sure a fame which exceeded even the borders of the country. He was famous, on an international scale, to the big pleasure of the Moroccan abroad resident.

    Few years after this exit of album, Rachid Gholam joined Al ADL Wal Ihsan and left the song aside because of conspiracies and "Amdah". He asserted that he had changed after this restructuring by taking out of the life of the dissolutives and the easy pleasures to reach a safe and stable existence. So, we perceive a new Rachid Gholam bringing out of the broadcast, safe screen in his talents, and especially, a religious singer who has the faith in his good God Allah.

    Because of reports tightened between the Islamic authorities of the kingdom " ADL Wal Ihssane ", Rachid Gholam was prevented from realizing his public presentations in the kingdom. However, He produced abroad, particularly in the east of the peninsula. Numerous Moroccan admirers followed him by an eye observer, and making of him the real alive legend.


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