Adil Al Kassimi - عادل القاسمي

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    Biography of Adil Al Kassimi

    Adil Al Kassimi is a famous religious singer, from Morocco. He is also considered as one of the most appreciated in the domain of the Moroccan religious song.

    Born and lived in Morocco, his country, Adil Al Kassimi began his artistic career by recording, at an early age, numerous songs, among it, we can quote " Ya nour " (Ô light), "Ahla el Kalam", or "El rahma el Mohdate", and others from the same popularity.

    By his magnificent voice, Adil Al Kassimi knew how to meet the expectations of many listeners, in numerous Moroccan radio stations, and religious television programs.

    Also, numerous web sites were interested in his productions. These last ones approach diverse subjects about the Moslem religion, and the faith in God Allah.


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