Tamer Hosny - تامر حسني

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    Biography of Tamer Hosny

    Tamer Hosny whose full name is Tamer Hosny Abbas, and a famous singer, interpreter and author composer of Egyptian nationality. He is also the author of many very soothing and harmonious religious singings. Furthermore, Tamer Hosny was born on August 16th of year 1977, and, to Abbas (Where from his name Tamer Hosny Abbas) located in Cairo, in Egypt.

    His current place of residence is Cairo in Egypt, place of his birth. Besides, his astrological sign.

    Concerning his education, and his school route, Tamer Hosny holds a Bachelor's degree in studies in media to the university of October 6th. Besides, his pastime divides in several activities as he played with The Egyptian Football team during a period of nine years, Equitation of Horse, Swimming, play the guitar, to write stories and movies. The very first movie which he wrote is Halet Houb.

    During his childhood, Tamer Hosny lived on hard events, and, due to his financial situation which did not allow him to advance and to create new things. But the patience, and the faith in God, the singer Tamer Hosny has manages to dazzle a producer Nasr Marhous, who made him a councillor during his life, and swamped with space which his father left behind him.

    Some years later, famous Tamer Hosny manages to show his ability in the Arabic song generally so by building his musical career which proves clearly his magnificent talent and his many vocal capacities. It made him acquire the celebrity at the world level, in particular with his diverse albums of fury, which dazzled a whole nation of fans and admirers.

    In addition to that, Tamer Hosny proved that he was a real talent, and a rare pearl because he was interested and showed his ability in the world of Anasheed, religious singings. A new Tamer Hosny appears on the screen, Tamer, alive. He indeed went out, the album Il Ganna Fe Biotna (The paradise is in our houses). In September 10th of year 2009. This last one met a forehead success in the Arab-Muslim world.


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