Saad El Ghamidi - سعد الغامدي

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    Biography of Saad El Ghamidi

    Saad El Ghamidi is a famous Koran reciter from Saudi Arabia. He was born in 1968.

    Saad El Ghamidi’s great will of reaching the best in his devotion to God,persued his religious studies ( Oussoul Din) at the university of Sharia, where he obtained his degree with an honorable mention.

    Being encouraged by his family, besides his consistancy and obstination, he managed to learn all the Suras of Holy Quoran by the year 1990 , And therefore became a legendary reciter of the Holy Quoran just like the Saudians ; the largest pupulation in reciating the Quoran .

    In 1985, Saad El Ghamidi made the decision of taking a different career as a religious Muslim singer (Monchid). His success was tremendous, and his new songs were considred as the top hits.

    His most famous songs are the following: "Gharbane", "Malakna Hadihi Donya Qorounan" and other songs with equivalent fame.then, he made a genuine album, which had a lot success. Saad El Ghamidi has been a true example for all of us.

    hence, he became the leader of prayer at the great Holy mosque.

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