Nabil Ar Rifai - نبيل الرفاعي

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    Biography of Nabil Ar Rifai

    The Sheikh Nabil Ibn Cheikh Abdul Rahim Rifai alias Nabil Ar Rifai, great religious man from Saudi Arabia, he is a famous and Islamic imam in Saudi. The big Sheikh Nabil Ar Rifai was born 19 of the month Joumada ath-thania of the year 1398 Al Hegira in the Holy city Jedda, in Saudi Arabia.

    The big Sheikh Nabil Ar Rifai learned and memorized the Holy Quran in a few time in 1415 Al Hegira, and that makes of him, a man of will and infallible perseverance.

    His study of the Holy Quran, was passed to him by numerous references and questions about the Koranic and Islamic studies. Among them, we can quote the great and famous Sheikh Abdel Aziz Ramadan, the Sheikh Alij Jaber (that God blessed him), also the famous Sheikh Abdel Wahab Hadiri who is one of the best teachers.

    The great Sheikh Nabil Ar Rifai obtained his Master's degree of human resources departments, and he obtained an excellent mention in the High school degree in the dynamic engineering, and this degree was attributed by the university of King Abdul Aziz.

    Personally, the great Sheikh Nabil Ar Rifai is married, and father of two girls, named Lana, and Nala. The great Sheikh Nabil Ar Rifai became an imam of the prayers of Tarawih in the big mosque Ramadan located in Baghdadia, thanks to the happiness which he gets him from his family.

    Finally, he become an imam Andalouss district, then in the mosque El SAyida Khadija Ibnat Khouyled in the district El Zahrae. Today, the great Sheikh Nabil Ar Rifai is a general Arabic in the company of the air connections Saoudite. At the same time, the great Sheikh Nabil Ar Rifai is a famous imam and Khatib in the famous mosque Takawi in the street El Tahal.

    Hence, the great Sheikh Nabil Ar Rifai has numerous functions and a good psalmody, which makes him famous. So, diverse TV channels, web sites as our, which is a concrete example, and radios stations, spread his productions.

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