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    Biography of Mohamed Ayoub

    The great Sheikh Mohamed Ayoub whose full is Sheikh Mahamed Ayoub Ibn Mohammet Youssef Ibn Slimane Omar, is a famous religious man and an imam from Saudi Arabia. The great Sheikh Mohamed Ayoub is endowed with an extraordinary psalmody who shares with the other faithful Muslims.

    The great Sheikh Mohamed Ayoub was born in the holy city, Mecca " El Mouharama " in Saudi Arabia, during the year 1327 of Al Hegira. In the same city, the great Sheikh Mohamed Ayoub received his studies and spent all his youngest age there, which was the precise moment when his passion for the Islamic studies was born.

    Some years later, the Sheikh Mohamed Ayoub learned and memorized the Holy Quran, book sacred of God Allah, very fast, under the aegis of the imam of the named mosque Ibn Laden. The Sheikh who helped the Sheikh Mohamed Ayoub to learn and to memorize the Holy Quran is called the Sheikh Khail Ibn Abd El Rahman in 1385 of Al Hegira. Then, The great Sheikh Mohamed Ayoub obtained the certificate of success, one year after he learned the Holy Quran.

    Several great Sheikhs helped him to surmount the difficulties of the job, and among these references, we can quote, the Sheikh Mohammed Sayyid Tantawi, the Sheikh Abd âaziz Mohammed Outman, the Sheikh, Abd Al Mouhssine Al Ghounaymane, the Sheikh Mohammed Amine Achanqitti, and finally the famous Sheikh Abou Bakr Al Jazaîrii... So thus explains the kindness of his attitudes, the perfection of his recitations, and his supernatural psalmody.

    Hence, The great Sheikh Mohamed Ayoub pursues his training in the scientific institute located in Medina, the holy city in excellence. Then after a big effort, and the perseverance and also the determination, The great Sheikh Mohamed Ayoub finally obtained his degree in the year 1392 of Al Hegira.

    Besides, The great Sheikh Mohamed Ayoub pursued his Islamic studies under the supervision and the precious assistant of big Sheikh, Abd Al Aziz Mohamed Othmane, Al Shankiti, Al Omari, Attantawi … All are from the holy city of Medina. Nothing can equal this luck to be under the supervision of great professors of the Islamic sciences, as those who helped The great Sheikh Mohamed Ayoub.

    Further to that, The great Sheikh Mohamed Ayoub obtained his Bachelor's degree in the year 1396 of Al Hegira, then finished his Master's degree and finally his doctorate twelve years later, in 1408 of Al Hegira.

    Ending successfully his higher education, The great Sheikh Mohamed Ayoub was named an assistant in the Koranic faculty between the period which begins of year 1397 and ended in the year 1398 of Al Hegira, then he was in the examinations of the superior classes during ten years.

    After he left this faculty where he was a supervisor, The great Sheikh Mohamed Ayoub becomes in the big committee of the education and the scientific committee of the famous King Fahdd, in the aim of printing the sacred pages of the Holy Quran.

    The great Sheikh Mohamed Ayoub was an imam in several mosques. Indeed, The great Sheikh Mohamed Ayoub was the second imam in the mosque of the Prophet Mohammed in the year 1410 of Al Hegira.

    Then, The great Sheikh Mohamed Ayoub was crowned imam in the mosque Qabaê, where he was responsible for managing the prayers of Tarawih and El Qiyam. Then, The great Sheikh Mohamed Ayoub becomes an imam of the famous mosque Al Anabiya between the year 1394 and 1403 of Al Hegira, and finally the mosque Abd Allah Al Houssayni in the year 1403 of Al Hegira.

    The great Sheikh Mohamed Ayoub spreads his psalmody in many TV channels, as well as radio stations, also numerous web sites, which make of him a religious man of big fame.

    The great Sheikh Mohamed Ayoub organizes conferences, in which participate hundreds of faithful Muslims, which ask the Sheikh diverse questions on the Islamic sciences, treating every subject with attention and professionalism.

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