Ibrahim Gebreen - إبراهيم الجبرين

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    Biography of Ibrahim Gebreen

    The Sheikh Ibrahim Gebreen whose full name is Ibrahim Bin Gebreen Bin Saad Bin Abdallah Al Gebreen is a famous reciter of the Holy Quran and imam of big fame. He is from Saudi Arabia. The Sheikh Ibrahim Gebreen was born in 1392 of Al Hegira in the West of the city of Ryad. Ibrahim Gebreen is at present married and father of three boys and a girl.

    Let's interest at the moment of his school route. Ibrahim Gebreen began his secondary education in the named school El Kawi3. After having ended his studies, he went to the institute El Kawi3iya and he studied the first and the second level of the high school,Secondary there.

    Then, Sheikh Ibrahim Gebreen passed to the scientific institute of Ryad with the aim to finish the third year of the high school,Secondary, until he had an excellent degree after three years which passed of his life.

    Arrived at the high school, Sheik Ibrahim Gebreen finished the learning and the memorization of the Holy Quran. Then after this exploit, that to memorize 60 hizb of God's book, Sheikh Ibrahim Gebreen went to the Islamic university Imam Mouhamed Ben Saoud to the faculty of theology in the department of the academic year.

    At the end of his route, he obtained the second degree during 1419s and 1420 of Al Hegira. Then, Sheikh Ibrahim Gebreen obtained successfully and determination the Master's degree, the dominant theme of his letter of which was aspiration in the Koran and the Sunna and his preachings

    To arrive at this summit of his career, The Sheikh Ibrahim Gebreen obtained help and requirement of the great Sheikh Mouhamed Ben Saleh Atimine (with his Koranic lessons), and the Sheikh and doctor Hamd El Chatwi who helped him in the readings …

    The Sheik Ibrahim Gebreen had the opportunity to show his productions and his Koranic recitations to teachers and references in the Islamic sciences. Indeed, he recited the Holy Quran in front of Sheikh Mahmoud Sakar (Professor of the Institute of the reading of the Holy Quran in Ryad), and Sheikh Muhammad Yahya, who is a director in the University Nourollah Aziziyah Bassahewal in Pakistan.

    During his route as imam, The Sheikh Ibrahim Gebreen was named an imam in the mosque Ibn Qudama El Moukadissi in 1410 of Al Hegira, located on the West of suede. Then, he was an imam of several other mosques, like the mosque of Shouhada, the mosque of the Sheikh Ibn Baz to Shoubra, the mosque of the Sheikh abderazak Afifi in 1426 of Al Hegira, then the mosque of Princess Al 3ounoud (1427 of Al Hegira).

    The Sheikh Ibrahim Gebreen is at present occupied by his family business and by some social subjects.

    The Sheikh Ibrahim Gebreen presented a famous Islamic broadcast during one year on TV Saudi. He was also invited in the channel El Majd. Besides his educational and scientific partnerships and his participation in the social life in Saudi Arabia.

    Besides, The Sheikh Ibrahim Gebreen gave numerous collective lessons about educations of the case law and the performance and the biography. He also participated in the competition of the poetry at the university of the imam. He became a famous structure named Dae EL Oumma.

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