Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar - عبد الله بن علي بصفر

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    Biography of Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar

    Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar, whose full name is Abdullah Alkhayl Basfar, is a great religious person and famous reciter of the Holy Quran, from Saudi Arabia. He is also an imam of tremendous status. Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar was born in the 9th of Dhou al qi’Dah in 1381 of Hegira, and this birth took place in the holy city of Jedda in Saudi Arabia. During the Holy month of Ramadan, Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar is considered the first imam of Jedda.

    Among his qualities and competences is the fact that he managed to learn the Holy Quran since a very early age. Since then, Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar involved himself in learning until he earned a bachelor’s degree. The great Mouqri’ Ayman Rouchdi Sawite rewarded him in 1407 of hegira.

    After that, Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar obtained his a bachelor’s degree in Islamic studies at the University of King Azziz in Jedda in the year 1406 of hegira. He was full of determination and resistance to defeat difficulties and therefore earned, after a hassle, the masters degree at the University of Cahia in Saudi Arabia. This branch is specialized in Elfikh and Eloussoul, at the University of Oumm Al Kuray in Holy Mecca in the year 1412 of hegira. Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar got his doctorate degree at the same University of Sharia’, in the fikh branch, seven years after his masters in 1419 of hegira. Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar is also a contract holder to perform in the court of Jedda.

    Afterwards, he began his career as an imam. Indeed, Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar became, few years later, imam and khatib at the so called mosque Mansour El Shaabi in Jedda. Due to this short passage in his life, the Islamic authorities awarded him a degree of being an official imam and khatib. In order to develop his associative activity, Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar decided to become a member of scholar association at the University of the King Abdel Aziz.

    Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar earned his fame day after day in his lifetime. In this vein, he became a general secretary at the international league of Quran studies and learning (Tahfid El Quran). Among his associative and educational activities we can site: First of all, Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar rewrote the Quran four times under the supervision of Allah, and the community that fulfills the following duties:

    The association of charity regarding the Holy Quran memorization at the governorate of Jedda. Radio Province of Saudi Arabia at the governorate of jedda. The memorization of the Holy Quran program by the international Islamic organization. The King Fahd’s complex for the Holy Quran’s impression in the “El Mounawara” city in 1419 of hegira.

    Furthermore, all his activities concerning the great Sheikh Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar, were about organizing conferences, which draws plenty of faithful audiences, and help fight poverty. The great Sheikh Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar contributed to his skills in Ndjamena in Tchad.

    The great Sheikh Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar has written several Islamic booklets, trating various important subjects such as reflections and meditations that contemplate upon Al Fatihah and Surat Al baqarah, Lights on the Quran management, a journey with the signs of Surat Yusuf, lectures about terrorism, and also speeches about Andalousy, Ramadan, and Al Siddik’s biography…and other small but interesting brochures.

    The great Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar was the instructor of numerous youngsters, and has now become among one of the greatest religious men like Sheikh Sahl Yassin, who is an imam at the Prince Soultan mosque, and the Sheikh Haytham Asta, imam and reciter at the Byoutat Mosque.

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