Abdullah Al Khayat - عبد الله الخياط

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    Biography of Abdullah Al Khayat

    Abdullah Al Khayat, whose full name is Abdullah bin Mohammed Abdul-Ghani Khayat, is a great religious man, endowed with an excellent sense of perfectionism, and with a psalmody spread through all the Moslem peninsula.

    Abdullah Al Khayat is a famous imam, from Saudi Arabia. He is at present the clergyman and the great imam of the mosque Almasjid Al Haram, located in the holy city, Makka El Mouharama. The great Sheik Abdullah Al Khayat was born in 29 of the month of Shawwal in 1326 of Al Hegira, Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

    The great Sheikh Abdullah Al Khayat, since his youngest age, learned and memorized the holy Quran, at very reduced. Then, he was interested in the Islamic sciences and decided to study it and to perfect his knowledge in the honorary school.

    Then, the great Sheikh Abdullah Al Khayat made the decision to join the scientific institute in his home town Mecca. by Finishing his secondary education, The great Sheikh Abdullah Al Khayat obtained his degree, in the year 1360 of the Muslim calendar.

    Besides, further to this obtaining, The great Sheikh Abdullah Al Khayat was named an imam and clergyman, in 1367 of Al Hegira, in a big mosque in Mecca, the city where thousands of pilgrims visit it every year. This appointment, gave him fame and celebrity in muslim world. This mosque is Masjid El mouharam.

    Some years, The great Sheikh Abdullah Al Khayat pursue his route as an imam and clergyman in another mosque in Mecca, in 1404. Inconveniently, it was the date when he gave his unfortunately to Saudi King, because of problems health. So, The great Sheikh Abdullah Al Khayat sighed on Sunday, 7 of the month of Chaabane in 1415 of Al Hegira.

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