Abdallah Matroud - عبد الله مطرود

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    Biography of Abdallah Matroud

    Abdallah Matroud, famous reciter, imam and great Muslim, from Saudi Arabia.

    Since his young age, Abdallah Matroud knew how to make of his passion, a real talent, and therefore his ambition was growing day after day. In fact, Abdallah Matroud memorized The Holy Quoran with comfort thanks to his relations and family who encouraged him.

    Besides, in his adulthood, Abdallah Matroud became an imam. He recorded his most famous recitations in numerous TV channels, radio stations and web sites which spread his impressive chant.

    After acquiring a great reputation around the world, Abdallah Matroud decided to present conferences treating questions and important subjects such as the creation of the Man, the biography of Alfarouq, The story of Moses (Moussa) and Firawne…

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