Lafi Al Oni - لافي العوني

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    Biography of Lafi Al Oni

    The honorable Sheikh Lafi Al Oni is a famous imam and a clergyman from Kuwaiti. He is great man of religion, the real reference in his country Kuwait.

    Since his youngest age, the honorable Sheikh Lafi Al Oni knew how to develop his passion and his love for the Islamic sciences and transformed it into a real talent.

    At a moment of his life, the honorable Sheikh Lafi Al Oni was under the supervision of Islamic great men. They taught him the rules of Tajwid, and good recitation of the Holy Quran.

    The honorable Sheikh Lafi Al Oni recorded many audio tapes, containing his productions and his most famous recitations of the Holy Quran.

    His extraordinary psalmody is spread overthe the whole world, through the network of Web and internet, and through the radios stations and the Islamic broadcasts of TV channels.

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