Jamal Shaker Abdullah - جمال شاكر عبد الله

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    Biography of Jamal Shaker Abdullah

    The great Sheikh Jamal Shaker Abdullah, religious and justice man, is a famous imam and a clergyman from Jordanian. He is a famous reciter of the Holy Quran in Jordan, known through all the Moslem Arabic peninsula. The great Sheikh Jamal Shaker Abdullah was born in 1978 in Zarqa, who extends oriental suburbs of Amman until the Saudi border.

    Recently, The great Sheikh Jamal Shaker Abdullah chairs Imama and preaching of the famous mosque Oum Al Mouminine's in Jordan.

    Since his youngest age, The great Sheikh Jamal Shaker Abdullah followed the religious who his ancestors chose before him. Indeed, he is from a family which give importance to the science and the religion.

    At a very young age of ten years, he began his primary studies in the Koranic school, which he follows his educations in the mosque Omar Ibn Al Khattab.in this moment there, that he finished the learning and the memorization of the Holy Quran, God Allah's book, according to Riwayat Hafs de Assim. Some years later, when the young Jamal Shaker Abdullah reaches the age of thirteen years, he presented his first recitation of the Holy Quran, in front of the Sheikh Mahmoud Idriss.

    Five years later, The great Sheikh Jamal Shaker Abdullah was named an imam and a clergyman in the mosque Assafarini in Zerqa. And, while knowing that his age did not overtake eighteen years. So, very fast, the young Sheikh acquires some experience, when he was under the supervision of great learned Muslims.

    Hence, The great Sheikh Jamal Shaker Abdullah decided to deepen his knowledge on the Islamic sciences. Indeed, he began immediately after his decision, the study of the law of the Islamic religion (In Arabic language Chariâ), and, by integrating the university of Jordan. He passed two years of his life, he realized what he wanted.

    Hence, The great Sheikh Jamal Shaker Abdullah pursued his studies on Islamic Chariâ at the Islamic university of the city of Medina. He has had to leave his country to realize his wishes. But, this period of his life, brings him charity, because he was able to learn again the Holy Quran.

    The great Sheikh Jamal Shaker Abdullah had the opportunity to recite one of his Koranic recitations in front of the famous Doctor Ihab Fikri to the Masjid El Nabaoui, the mosque of the prophet Mohammed in Medina. And all this, by having in mind the fact that he has to apply perfectly Riwaya de Hafs de Assim ok the Tariqa Shatibiya and Tayba. Of this brief success, which urged him to become an imam of the mosque in the university for two years, The great Sheikh Jamal Shaker Abdullah, knew his real capacities and took more confidence in himself.

    The last stage which he had to cross in Saudi Arabia, was to obtain the degree of the Islamic university in Medina. Indeed, as his expectations predicted him(i, he obtained this degree with excellent mention concerning the attitude, the example, and the perfect holding. So, The great Sheikj Jamal Shaker Abdullah joined his country, Jordan. Over there, he integrated a new university (The Jordanian university of Amman) to finish finally his higher education and prepare a Master's degree in the speciality of Fiqh Islamiq. At the same time, The great Sheikh Jamal Shaker Abdullah was named imam of the mosque King Abdallah and Quatuli, he win the prestige, especially inside his country, where the famous religious men are rare.

    Hence, the geat Sheikh Jamal Shaker Abdullah decided to immigrate in the United States where he became a real celebrity for the Moslem community over there. Indeed, he was named imam of several mosques like the mosque of Qassam in Florida. At the same time, this young Sheikh gives courses about Chariâ, and Tajwide of the Holy Quran, and his meaning (Tafsir El Kour’an) in pleasure of the Moslem community in America.

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