Mustapha Ismail - مصطفى إسماعيل

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    Biography of Mustapha Ismail

    The great Sheikh Mustapha Ismail, the man of religion and Islamic sciences, is a famous imam and a clergyman of Egyptian nationality. He is also a reciter of the Holy Quran ( Wa Tajwidou) of big national and international fame.

    The great Sheikh Mustapha Ismail, endowed of harmonious one voice, was born in 17 of June in 1905 in the village named Mit Ghazal located in the center of Ezanta in the governorate and the prefecture of Gharbiya.

    Over there, where his extreme love for the Islamic sciences and the recitation of Holy Quran was born little by little in his heart. Indeed, at the very early age of 12 years, The great Sheikh Mustapha Ismail finished the learning and the memorization of the holy Quran, under the supervision of the imam of the Koranic school in the village Mit Ghaz.

    Some years later, he finished his studies and refreshed his knowledge at the Koranic school in the village, The great Sheikh Mustapha Ismail pursued his secondary education, and deepens his knowledge on the readings by joining the institute named Ahmadi located to Tanta in Egypt, by focusing in Qira' at and A7kam Tajwid.

    The great Sheikh Mustapha Ismail, by his extraordinary psalmody, drew the attention of the famous Sheikh Mohamed Rifa' t. This last one, predicts him, indeed, a brilliant future in the field of the recitation of the holy quran. And, he was not wrong, because he met a success in all the prefecture of Gharbiya, his region of childhood was famous in all the municipality of Tanta and the preferences surroundings.

    Then, The great Sheikh Mustapha Ismail decided to leave the village Mit Ghazal to settle down definitively in the Egyptian capital, and, by applying the advice of a friend who had prevented him on the fact that by moving in a big town, he will have a better future than by staying here in his small village.

    Indeed, The great Sheikh Mustapha Ismail had the opportunity to recite verses of the Holy Quran in a big demonstration and a famous celebration, so, to replace the Sheikh Abdelfatah Che3cha3i who went out for unknown reasons.

    For this day, we ask for his presence everywhere to recite the Holy Quran, in diverse opportunities like the deaths or the festivities during the month of Ramadan (Laylat El Qadar, Aid EL fitr). A few months later, he was named an official reciter of the Egyptian Palais Royal under the reign of famous King Farouq El Awal.

    His pleasure increases, as well as he reappoint, because he began to serve the royal family. This last one has also had the opportunity or rather the luck to pay the visit of numerous countries over all the world and especially Moslem Arab countries (Saudi Arabia). Over there, The great Sheikh Mustapha Ismail won the real international fame because he had a big success by reciting the Holy Quran to the faithfull through the Moslem peninsula.

    Inconveniently, The great Sheikh Mustapha Ismail his soul returned to God Allah on Friday, 12 of December of the year 1978.

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