Ahmed Saber - أحمد صابر

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    Biography of Ahmed Saber

    The great Sheikh Ahmed Saber is a famous imam, clergyman and famous reciter of the Holy Quran, sacred book of God Allah. He is from Egypt.

    Currently, the great Sheikh Ahmed Saber is the imam of the big mosque Al Houda, in Egypt.

    By his incredible psalmody and his extraordinary voice, the great Sheik Ahmed Saber managed to give to a whole Oumma the hope and the faith. By listening to him, we forget the world and all his problems.

    Indeed, The great Sheikh Ahmed Saber recorded numerous tapes containing his Koranic recitations, and organized jalassates treating interesting subjects about the Islamic sciences, the Moslem religion generally.

    TV channels, radio stations and numerous web sites, offer to the listener and the faithful Muslim, the possibility of enjoying the productions of the great Sheikh Ahmed Saber.

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